20% off selected nappies! Use code ‘20OFF!’
20% off selected nappies! Use code ‘20OFF!’
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These reusable modern cloth nappies are adjustable to fit from 3 to 15 kilos - newborn to toddler. Use the snap buttons to adjust the height and width. Each nappy comes with 1 all natural bamboo cotton insert.

Modern Cloth Nappies are easy to use and easy to clean. The nappies have a beautifully soft stay dry micro fleece inner layer (against bubs skin).  Moisture passes through this layer to the insert underneath which holds the fluids/wee.

If you’re worried about cleaning poo off nappies than you may want to use bamboo flushable liners.  These are placed on top of the nappy to catch the solid wastes.  When dirty the liner along with any poo can be flushed down the toilet or placed in the bin (without the poo).

The outer nappy shell is waterproof PUL which is soft and breathable.  It keeps moisture in, but also allows babies skin to breath to help reduce nappy rash.