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"When Rahni had her daughter Charlotte three years ago, there was never any doubt that she would use cloth nappies, just like her mother had done for her.

Rahni is passionate about making sure that the world our children inherit is a beautiful one. Hence the name of her business, Charlotte's World Modern Cloth Nappies.Rahni's business isn't profit driven. What she gets out of the sale of each nappy is the peace of knowing that for every reusable cloth nappy sold, it's a dent in the 8 million disposable nappies that go into landfill every year in Australia.

Rahni is passionate about helping people to make the transition from disposable nappies to reusable cloth nappies. "There are a lot of myths about reusable cloth nappies and I'm keen for people to see them for what they really are. They're actually easy to clean, adjustable, comfortable and incredibly long lasting. " Rahni explained.

Rahni used the same cloth nappies for her daughter Charlotte from when she was born right through to the toddler years, as they have adjustable buttons that allow for growth. She is now using those same nappies for her son Charlie. In the time a child is in nappies, the average cost of disposable nappies can reach up to $6000 per child, so that's an enormous relief financially for any young family.

Charlotte's World Modern Cloth Nappies offers a variety of different packs for people starting out and individual products such as inserts, biodegradable bamboo liners and swimmer nappies. She has even upcycled nappies that had lost their waterproof layer into beautiful earrings and sells pre-loved but perfect nappies for $4 which have also proven popular.

Looking forward into Rahni's beautiful vision for this world and the world of our kids, she is planning to expand into making cloth nappies for dolls and reusable cloth wipes too. The circular economy in action for a more sustainable world.

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Photography by Serana Hunt-Hughes