20% off selected nappies! Use code ‘20OFF!’
20% off selected nappies! Use code ‘20OFF!’
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Washing Information

-Soak new inserts in a bucket of water overnight before washing for the first time to help increase absorbency.

-Tip, scrape or spray poo into the toilet and flush.

-Store soiled nappies in a dry pail (basket) that has good ventilation.


-Pre wash nappies every 3 days. Use a warm quick or pre wash setting or rinse & spin with half a scoop of detergent.


-Main wash on a long cycle with recommended amount of detergent for a heavily soiled load (50-60 degrees).


-Hang to dry on line, clothes horse or use dryer. The sun will work as a natural bleach so hang with white part facing sun.


For more information, including which detergents are safe to use, go to https://cleanclothnappies.com/